Meet: Yusaku Miyazato

An introduction to our golf ambassador and 2018 US Masters competitor

2018 is a very exciting year for Lyle & Scott golf, not only are we official knitwear supplier to the British Open for the second year running, our golf ambassador, Yusaku Miyazato, will be playing at the US Masters, one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments, in a few weeks time.

Yusaku is one of the most successful golfers currently playing on the Japan Golf Tour, and finished 2017 in the Official Golf World Ranking Top 50, securing qualification to the 2018 US Masters.

This will be Yusaku’s first appearance at the US Masters, and the sixth time he has appeared at a major championship. His most successful being his appearance at the 2016 US Open, where he finished tied in 23rd place. With a current world ranking of 57, and a number 1 ranking on the Japan Golf Tour, we’re hoping for further success on US soil this time around.

If you’re settling down to watch the Masters (and why wouldn’t you be). Keep an eye out for Yusaku.


D.O.B – 19 June 1980

Tour – Japan Golf Tour

Number of Professional Wins – 8

First Professional Win – Golf Nippon Series JT Cup (2013)

Best Result in a Major Championship – T23 at 2016 US Open

Fun Fact – At the 2006 Reno Tahoe Open in Nevada, Yusaku became the first modern-era golfer to make two hole-in-ones in the same round at a PGA tour event.


The Do’s and Dont’s of livening up your golf wear.

The cold winter weather is slowly loosening it’s grip, so it’ll soon be safe to venture back out onto the course and start playing a bit of golf again (unless of course you’re an ‘all-weather golfer’ – in which case, no one likes a show off). Before you head out and start working on your swing, you might want to consider investing in a ‘statement style’ or two to liven up your golf wear.

Our new golf range features some serious statement styles (what a coincidence…) Designs inspired by the patterns found in modern urban environments feature prominently in the range. There’s plenty to choose from. However, with any statement styles, you’re at the risk of creating some kind of monstrosity of a golf outfit. So here’s some tips:

DO: Stick to a single ‘statement style’

Build your outfit around it. A good pair of stone chinos and a neutral top layer are the perfect pieces to complement a statement style. Similarly, if you’re going for statement knitwear, keep your collar neutral underneath.

Golf Blog_1.jpg

DON’T: Go too low

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to limit your statement styles to the top half of your outfit. Loud, patterned trousers shouldn’t be seen too far from the circus. Stick a solid pair of chinos or shorts.

DON’T: Have one rule for the course…

And one rule off the course. Don’t wear anything on the course that you wouldn’t want to wear in the clubhouse.  You should be comfortable in what you’re wearing, don’t be loud for the sake of it.

DO: Start Small

Not ready to go all out yet or make too much of a ‘statement’? Start with something subtler like a stripe and work your way up.

Golf Blog_2

Four Simple Rules for wearing sweatpants

Most rules were made to be broken, not these ones though…

Sweatpants are acceptable these days, and that’s a good thing. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. Sweatpants are comfortable, they’re versatile, they can even be stylish these days. Although that doesn’t give you Carte Blanche to throw a pair on at any time. As always, there’s a strict set of rules governing how to wear them, because we’re fun like that…

1. Don’t be afraid to dress them up

Joggers Blog_Harrington_Blog Size.jpg

Obviously, don’t incorporate them into your Sunday Best. A pair of sweatpants look best worn with a sweatshirt or a hoodie as part of a casual ensemble. But sweatpants can be very refined these days, so you can combine them with a smart coat and not look like you’ve give up all hope (or just wet yourself…)

2. Mix up your footwear choices

If you’re wearing your sweatpants with a smart coat, don’t be afraid to put on a pair of loafers or smart shoes. This has to work with your outfit, but sweatpants don’t always have to be paired with ratty old trainers.

3. Look out for colour clash

Joggers Blog_Bright Blue_Blog Size.jpg

If you prefer to keep things safe, go for a classic pair of black or grey marl joggers. Can’t beat them. However, if you do fancy yourself as a bit of a live-wire and want to go for something a bit more ‘technicolour’, keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

4. Watch your fit

Might seem obvious, but make sure your sweatpants fit you, and we’re not just talking about them being too tight (although this can be a real danger). Wearing a pair of really baggy or loose fitting sweatpants can really let your outfit down. So make sure you treat yourself to a decent, slim fitting pair.

How to wear Orange

It’s easy when you know how…

We’ll admit, Orange can be a difficult shade to pull off. This can put people off wearing it, especially if you’re the kind of guy who generally likes to go with the safe, navy option. But the time has come to reconsider introducing a bit of Orange into your wardrobe, it shouldn’t just be for Dutch Football Fans. It’s easy when you know how:

In the Navy

Blue and Orange

In its place on the colour wheel, Orange is pretty much opposite blue which means they’re complementary colours. So being the guy who likes to go with the safe, navy option is no longer a valid excuse. Doesn’t have to be much, a bit of Orange thrown into a navy ensemble will take it to another level. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, combine an orange midlayer with a light blue jacket to brighten up your look.

Keep it neutral

Look Book Lightweight Parka.jpg

Orange goes great with neutrals (what doesn’t) so it works really well on outerwear. Throw a statement orange jacket on over a neutral outfit for a great transitional ensemble for the awkward part of the year between winter and spring. The weather is getting brighter, so reflect this in your outfit.

Get Flashy

Blog Orange Tshirt.jpg

If you don’t feel ready to go all out with orange outerwear, start from the bottom. Baby steps. Get an orange t-shirt or polo and build a layered outfit around that. Even just a flash of orange will brighten up a neutral outfit.

The 3 Bags Every Man Needs

It’s more than just an accessory, it’s a part of your outfit…

We’ve done some research and we’ve found out that every man needs at least three bags to live comfortably. You’re welcome to own more, but three is the minimum. For example, you can’t be carrying a hold all around a music festival, and similarly, you can’t fit all your gym kit into a cross body bag. At the end of the day it all comes down to size, let’s take a look:


Oversized Roll Top Rucksack Blog Size.jpg

The obvious choice. Every man needs a rucksack. But when wearing one, you’re always in danger of looking a bit like an overgrown schoolboy. To avoid this happening, you need to go a step above your average, day-to-day rucksack and go for something more premium, like a Roll Top. How many schoolboys do you see wearing a Roll Top Rucksack? And to be extra sure you’re dressing your age, double strap it. Every time. Unless you’re wearing a suit, in which case it’s better to avoid the rucksack altogether…


Oversize Holdall.jpg

There are times when a rucksack just won’t cut it size-wise, but getting your suitcase down from the loft is far too much effort. In this case, the holdall is perfect. With more storage space than your average rucksack, the holdall is ideal for a weekend away or a trip to the gym after work. Carrying a bag, rather than wearing one, also works better in more formal situations.

Cross Body

Cross Body Bag Blog Size.jpg

Only carrying a few bits and pieces? You don’t want a half-empty rucksack hanging listlessly behind you, ruining your look. In this situation, consider the cross body bag, large enough to store the key essentials (wallet, phone, keys etc.) but small enough to be considered compact. Also perfect for festival season, you definitely don’t want to be that guy in the crowd with the rucksack on.

General Tips

On the whole, try and keep your bag subtle. Stick to neutral colours, and don’t go for anything that looks too technical. Never forget that a bag shouldn’t just be something that you carry your stuff around in, it should be an extension of your outfit.

Back to Gym Basics

We take a look at gym kit essentials. Are those sweatbands really necessary?

It doesn’t really matter what you wear to gym does it? You’re there to work out, as long you’re making progress everything’s OK, right?

Wrong. It’s more than likely any progress you are making will be hampered sooner or later if you’re getting the basics wrong, kit-wise. Not only will you look the part (be honest, that’s important too), but wearing proper, technical sportswear to the gym can enhance your work out by regulating your body temperature and protecting you from injury. Here’s what to think about when you’re packing your gym bag:


Sportys Blog Blue Top

A good technical sports t-shirt should be the base for every gym outfit. With a sports t-shirt, it’s all about the fabric composition. A cotton/polyester mix is the perfect composition for working up a good sweat without becoming a sweaty mess (it’s a fine line…) Wicking technology also helps, moisture is pulled away from your body so it evaporates faster. You don’t want to be wearing a pure cotton t-shirt to the gym. Cotton holds onto water a lot longer so it won’t evaporate and your body temperature will drop during your rest time.


Sports Blog Tracksuit

A tracksuit is not only a classic piece of sportswear design, it should also a key player in your gym basics. A tracksuit can be worn to and from the gym, as well as during warm up. It’s best to lose the bottoms once you get into your workout (as long as you’ve got shorts on underneath, of course), but your track top can be worn to keep you warm throughout your work out. Sportswear is all about layering, which is why a breathable top layer is key.


Sports Blog Shorts

Specialist panelling and movement enhancing fabrics turn a good pair of gym shorts into a great pair of gym shorts. Without the right pair of shorts, you’ll find that your overall range of movement is limited which could lead to a serious injury.

How to find the perfect Quilted Jacket

Which style is right for you?

The Quilted Jacket. Very much in the running to become a new menswear style staple. Looking to get your hands on one? That won’t be hard, you see them everywhere these days. But there’s more to a quilted jacket that meets the eye. Here’s what you should know when looking for a quilted jacket:

The most important question to consider: are you looking for more fashion or more function?

Fundamentally, there are two types of quilted jacket. There’s your lightweight, more versatile, style-focused jacket, then there’s your more technically advanced jacket, which we’ll call the ‘heavyweight’ to make it easier.


A ‘heavyweight’ quilted jacket is going to be technically engineered for warmth and protection from elements.

quilted jacket fitness

The ‘heavyweight’ quilted jacket is for people who want a ‘proper jacket’. For people who are venturing out of the city and into the countryside in the winter. Although the name we’ve given it might be a bit misleading. There’s not as much bulk as you might expect, and the jacket is more than lightweight enough to wear in a crowded setting where you’ll be outside in the cold for a while (football fans take note).


A lightweight quilted jacket, though still warm, is more for style. You won’t get the same level of insulation or protection as you would with a heavyweight jacket, but see that as an opportunity to wear it with a great layered outfit (once you get enough layers on you’ll be more than warm enough anyway). The lightweight quilted jacket is one to wear on a night out, or its great for your winter commute.

Lightweight Puffer

So what’s the conclusion? If you’re looking for something for prolonged wear, something to see you through a big freeze, or something to protect you against the harshest of elements, then go ‘heavyweight’. If you’re looking for something you can work into an outfit, or something for day-to-day wear in and around the city go for lightweight. But my final piece of advice is: why not both..?

Introducing: Our New Sports Collection

A closer look at our new fitness range…

Our new sports collection is now available online, designed to keep you active throughout the transitional months right to the height of summer. Our designers have produced a range technical sportswear that will work for you, whatever your routine. So whether you’re just trying to keep those resolutions up, or you’re training for something big. There’s something for you in our new sportswear range. Here’s what to expect:


The collection features a range of outerwear specifically designed and engineered for the great outdoors. Protecting yourself against the harshness of the elements is vital when  you’re venturing into the great outdoors; with this in mind, our designers have used innovative Primaloft Black Technology to thermally insulate our jackets. Combined with a water resistant finish, the jackets throughout out new collection are designed to keep you active even in the harshest conditions.


We’ve stripped back our core fitness collection and focused on technical basics that are designed to enhance your work out routine. Working with technical fabric specialists, our designers have created a range of elevated gym basics that will keep you as comfortable as possible during your training. Movement enhancing fabrics have also been used to lower the risk of injury and support the anatomical form. The result is a timeless collection of technical training essentials that work for you, whatever your routine.


Similar to our core fitness collection, our new golf collection also features a selection of refined basics. Everything the modern golfer needs to play with confidence and with comfort. Technically engineered products such as polos with moisture wicking, and breathable knitwear that’s perfect for layering, the collection features golf wear that can be worn year round, whatever the weather.


Introducing: Our New Collection

A closer look at our new menswear range

Our new collection has just launched: a brand new range of styles to see you through the end of winter to the height of summer in style. If you haven’t already seen it here’s what to expect from it:


Our new collection is dominated by light, easy on the eye, pastel colours. Dusty Pink, Off White, and Light Blues all feature heavily across our core and seasonal pieces. Pastels are surprisingly versatile, they’re great to wear on warm summer days, but they’re also easy enough to layer with darker colours if the weather is a bit cooler. Warm weather might seem a long way off now, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the height of summer in your wardrobe.


This season sees the launch of our brand new ‘Casuals’ collection, inspired by our history in the world of the football casual. Bold designs inspired by the style of heritage sportswear have been fused with innovative fabrics to create a modern range of casual wear.


Designed with the spring and summer in mind, our new collection is full of pieces that are perfect for layering: Lightweight Jackets, Cotton Shirts and breathable knitwear are all ideal for the transition between spring and summer. Design details such as loose hems on jumpers and short sleeve shirts add to the summery vibe.


Staff Style: What’s on your wish list?

Our staff take us through what they want for Christmas….

No one knows our clothes better than our staff, and as the year goes by we all find ourselves building mental wish lists for when Christmas comes around. We’ve asked around the Lyle & Scott offices to find out what we’re asking the Lyle & Scott Santa for this Christmas:

Chris, Copywriter – Lightweight Puffer Jacket


This is one of my favourite pieces in the current Lyle & Scott collection. It’s a popular choice in the office, especially in navy or black, but my personal favourite is the dark gold. I wear a lot of neutrals, so it’s good to have a piece of outerwear that stands out a bit to liven up my outfits. As I get older, I’m getting a bit more practical – but I’m not ready to commit to 100% practicality just yet, so this jacket is a great compromise for winter.


Ross, Senior Web Developer – Cable Knit Jumper


You can’t go wrong with a cable knit for the winter wardrobe, which is why I’ve got one on my Christmas list this year. I’ve always been a big fan of knitwear, and this cable knit is a classic piece. Easy to style, and it’s timeless, so it’ll last me a good few winters.


Ash, Graphic Designer – McGowan Long Sleeve T-Shirt


I love the mountain design on this t-shirt, primarily I’d wear it to the gym. You’ve got to look the part when you’re headed to the gym, you feel more motivated to go if you’re looking good (and it’s one less thing for the bigger boys to make fun of…) Hopefully, if this t-shirt is under my tree on Christmas day, I’ll reach my peak in the new year.